Doctoral Studies

About one-fifth of the graduate engineers and architects go on to doctoral programs at Chalmers University of Technology. In Sweden these lead to a licentiate of engineering after about two and a half years and to a PhD after five years.

The doctoral students, with the help of their supervisors, choose their courses to suit their field of scientific interest. Their research also introduces them to networks of international contacts.

Most of the doctoral students assist in the teaching at Chalmers, and a few of them choose a work-study program.

The results of their research are usually published in international scientific journals. Eventually their dissertations are defended in public. Being awarded a PhD represents the recognition of the international scientific community.

Today an increasing number of industrial problems call for scientific methods, and industry therefore requires a growing number of qualified researchers.

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Please note that all questions regarding admission to the doctoral program are handled by the graduate schools at the Departments: Graduate schools at Chalmers

Published: Wed 11 Sep 2019.