Contacts regarding doctoral studies

Doctoral studies at Chalmers University of Technology are organised in graduate schools, which are run by the respective host departments, see the list of all graduate schools. Specific information concerning the various doctoral programmes can be obtained from the director of the graduate school. You will find the information in the syllabus of the graduate schools.

At Chalmers doctoral students are temporarily employed. To be admitted to doctoral studies, you have to apply for a PhD student position. All vacant PhD student positions at Chalmers are announced and can be found on Vacancies at Chalmers University of Technology. For questions about a specific position please contact the recruiting manager. You will find contact details in the advertisement.

 For support regarding the recruitment system, please contact Recruitmentsupport

Chalmers' general support for doctoral studies

For general questions about doctoral studies at Chalmers, please contact

Chalmers Doctoral Students Guild

The Chalmers Board of Graduate Students (DS) is the coordinating mechanism between PhD students at all Chalmers departments. It represents the PhD students’ interests in several key boards and committees at Chalmers. In order to assist PhD students experiencing problems related to their PhD education, DS is offering a neutral and unbound ombudsman, Doktorandombudet (DOMB).

Chalmers Doctoral Students Guild

Trade Union representatives at Chalmers

SACO: Peter Hellqvist
ST: Jean-Marc Orliaguet
SEKO: Johan Persson​
You can reach them through the Chalmers switchboard +46-31772 1000

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