Entrepreneurship and business design, MSc

120 credits
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Enter an environment where you’ll receive a true taste of entrepreneurship. You will find yourself actively working with real venture projects, applying your knowledge, insight, and entrepreneurial ability in real-life settings.

This master’s programme, also known as the Chalmers school of entrepreneurship, offers an internationally acknowledged academic education with real value-creation and impact in an entrepreneurial setting. The co-creation, action-based design of the programme, involves teamwork as well as autonomy and collective decision-making, preparing you for a sustainable and entrepreneurial career after graduation.​

Entrepreneurship and business design master's programme​ at Chalmers

The master's programme Entrepreneurship and business design has an action-based learning process with strong elements of academic reflection-in-action. To facilitate such an intense learning experience the school has championed a pedagogy that allows students to work with simulated business scenarios as well as real technology innovation and business projects. Chalmers school of entrepreneurship was founded in 1997 and is an integrated part of Chalmers' strategy for being an entrepreneurial university that takes responsibility for sustainable development through innovation and entrepreneurship.

You will not merely learn a topic or prepare for a career, but learn by acting, co-creating, reflecting, and taking responsibility for decision-making to progress ideas into practice. At Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, you will be given the opportunity to assess innovative ideas, co-found companies or work on entrepreneurial projects within and between large organizations.

By understanding complexity and identifying needs, problems, and solutions, you will become a key player in the realization and commercialization of ideas, technologies, and innovations. You will be bridging the gap between research and business, making sure both are utilized in the best possible way while creating new value.

The programme is built around an action-based pedagogy, through which you learn to manage the complexity of technology-based business in both simulated business scenarios and the development of real innovation projects.

The action-based pedagogy, involving team-based processes at a high pace as well as independent decision-making, ensures that you will be ready to hit the ground running after graduation, regardless of which career you pursue.

Please note that this master's programme has an alternative selection process. 

Instead of only learning things theoretically, we are always occupied with project-based tasks which require us to learn by constantly doing

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Topics covered

The subjects of entrepreneurship, projects, and product development are fundamental areas in the Entrepreneurship and business design master’s programme. The courses included in the programme plan handle topics such as intellectual property, designing new markets, law, strategy and decision-making, organizational and team dynamics, and technology-based startups.


The abilities you will gain in this programme, for example being able to manage uncertainty, embrace and address complex issues, and drive change are highly appreciated competencies in many industries. Several of our graduates continue as directors for firms they have co-founded. Many graduates work as entrepreneurial leaders and managers in larger corporations, leading innovative projects and new business development. The creative and independent solution-orientation you gain in this programme will also make you attractive to business consultancy firms. 


The faculty is engaged in entrepreneurship and innovation research, including team-based entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial behavior, sustainable entrepreneurship, organizational behavior and renewal, intellectual property and asset strategy, and entrepreneurial learning. Students are given the opportunity to collaborate with ongoing research through thesis work, which can lay the ground for a research-oriented career, either in academia or in research institutes.

In addition, a valuable network of support is provided to our students through the faculty and the school’s close collaboration with the Gothenburg Innovation system and experienced entrepreneurs. Because of the strong relationship between education and industry, many students qualify for internships with associated companies across the globe.

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Alternative selection process

Alternative selection process

This programme has an alternative admissions process where we seek the potential in the individual.


How to apply - From application to admission

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