2D-Tech Seminars

2D-TECH webinars Spring 2023

• 13 March, 2D-TECH and Graphene Centre at Chalmers PhD award(s):
o Agin Vyas, Chalmers (currently at Silex Microsystems),
Title: On-chip electrochemical capacitors and piezoelectric energy harvesters for self-powering sensor nodes
o Anamul Hoque, Chalmers,
Title: Charge-Spin Conversion and Electronic Transport in Two-Dimensional Materials and van der Waals Heterostructures

• 27 March, Erik Khranovskyy, Grafren AB, The Grafren Approach for making graphene multifunctional composites

• 24 April Roland Kadar, Chalmers, Engineering field-filler interactions in nanostructured soft materials

• 8 May, Eva Andrei, Rutgers University, 2D Superconductivity in twisted trilayer graphene

• 22 May, Tamara Blanco, Airbus, Opportunities of nanomaterials & multifunctional composites for more
sustainable aviation

• 12 June, Camilla Coletti, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia,Title: Scalable 2D materials via chemical vapor deposition: from synthesis to applications

2D-TECH webinars Fall 2023

• 06 Sep, Minyang Lu, China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry, The Chinese graphene decade: a rising Industry

• 11 Sep, Philip Kim, Harvard University, “Strongly correlated electrons in van der Waals heterostructures

• 25 Sep, Jinhua Sun, Chalmers, 2D materials: from the structure modulation to the different applications

• 9 Oct, Amalia Patane, Nottingham University, Wafer-scale two-dimensional semiconductors for deep UV sensing

• 6 Nov, Govindan Induchoodan, Glenntex, Ulises Mendez, Tenutec, The Swedish start-up landscape: Glenntex & Tenutec

• 20 Nov, Gloria Guidetti, Tetrapak, Interaction between graphene start-up/academia and big industries: the challenges of graphene application in industrial food packaging

• 11 Dec, Kostas Kostarelos, Manchester University and Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2), Preclinical and clinical translation of thin graphene oxide nanosheets as therapeutic platforms

2D-TECH webinars Spring 2022

• 28 February, 2021 GCC/2D-TECH PhD thesis award,
o Dmitrii Khokhriakov, MC2, Chalmers, Graphene spin circuits and spin-orbit phenomena in van der Walls heterostructures with topological insulators,
o Muhammad Asad, MC2, Chalmers, 2021 GCC/2D-TECH PhD thesis awardee, Impact of adjacent dielectrics on the high frequency performance of graphene field-effect transistors

• 14 March, Kari Hjelt, Head of Innovation, Graphene Flagship, Chalmers Industriteknik, Commercial applications of graphene – How far have we reached?

• 28 March, Daniel Neumaier, Chair of smart sensor systems, University of Wuppertal, Graphene based electronic and sensor devices: Recent progress and manufacturing related challenges

• 11 April, Dmitri Efetov, Chair of Solid-State Physics, Ludwig- Maximillians-Universität München, Plethora of Many-Body ground states in magic angle twisted bilayer graphene

• 25 April, Johan Ek Weis, Swedish National Strategic Innovation Programme on Graphene (SIO Grafen), Bringing 2D materials from the lab to the industry

• 9 May, Bodo Fiedler, Head of the Institute of Polymer and Composites, Hamburg University of Technology, Damage tolerance of few-layer graphene modified CFRP: From thin- to thick-ply laminates

• 23 May, Simone Ligi, Graphene- XT, Graphene based products: examples of failure and success

2D-TECH webinars Fall 2022

• 19 Sept, Valentina Benfenati, Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity, National Research Council of Italy (Italy), From 2D materials to glial interfaces: an alternative path to dialogue with the “other brain”.

• 3 Oct, Olga Kazakova, National Physical Laboratory (UK), ‘Seeing’ physical properties of 2D materials on nanoscale.

• 17 Oct, Claudia Backes, University of Kassel (Germany)

• 31 Oct, Irina Grigorieva, The University of Manchester (UK), Superconductivity of PdBi2: topological
properties and field-induced equal spin pairing.

• 14 Nov, Manuela Melucci, Institute for Organic Synthesis and Photoreactivity, National Research Council of Italy (Italy), Graphene based technologies for advanced water treatment.

2D-TECH webinars Fall 2021

• 1 March, 2020 GCC/2D-TECH PhD thesis awards
Samuel Brem (Dept. Physics) and Hans He (MC2)

• 15 March, Alexander Balandin, University of California, USA, Thermal management of electromagnetic interference shielding with graphene and low-dimensional van der Waals materials

• 29 March, March Nikolaus Nestle, BASF, Black flakes with green value proposition – graphene in composites and coatings for sustainability

• 12 April, Letizia Bocchi, Medica, Graphene enhanced filters for water purification

• 26 April, Elmar Bonaccurso, Airbus, Graphene as Ingredient for Next-Generation Materials, Structures & Systems - Towards a more versatile and easier to integrate heater mat technology for Ice Protection applications

• 10 May, Libai Huang, Purdue University, US, Spatial and Temporal Imaging of Exciton Transport in Two-Dimensional Heterostructures

• 24 May, Pablo Herrero, MIT, USA, The Magic of Moiré Quantum Matter

2D-TECH webinars Fall 2021

• 6 September, Timur Shegai, Chalmers, 2D-TECH, One-dimensional edges in two-dimensional materials

• 20 September, Leif Asp, Chalmers, 2D-TECH, Structural battery composites for mass-less energy storage

• 4 October, Bill Qu, The sixth element (Changzhou), Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (China), Mass production of graphene oxide (1000 tons) and its applications
• 18 October, Costas Galiotis, University of Patras (Greece), Graphene as a multi-functional additive to engineering composites
• 1 November, Saroj Dash, Chalmers, 2D-TECH, Graphene and beyond
• 15 November, Deji Akinwande, University of Texas (USA), 2D electronics: tattoos to 5G switches
• 29 November, Gianluca Fiori, Dipartimento di ingegneria dell’informazione, University of Pisa (Italy), Perspectives of 2D materials for electronics applications

2D-TECH seminars Fall 2020

• 21 September Bernard Placais, CNRS, Paris, Cooling pathways of out-of-equilibrium electrons in graphene
• 5 October, Jeanie Lau, Ohio State University, Quantum Transport in High Mobility 2D Materials
• 19 October, Maurizio Peruzzini, National Research Council (Italy), Chemical properties and catalytic applications of exfoliated Black Phosphorus
• 2 November, Luca Pierantoni, Universitá Politecnica delle Marche (Italy), Electromagnetic and Quantum Transport in the Multiphysics Modeling of Nanodevices
• 16 November, Atac Imamoglu, ETH Zurich, Optical signatures of strongly correlated electrons in two dimensional semiconductors
• 30 November, Guidetti Gloria, Tetrapak Packaging, Modena, Design and potential applications of nanomaterial in food packaging
• 14 December, George Deligeorgis, Foundation for Research & Technology Hellas, Crete, Combining 2D and 1D nanomaterials towards smart electronics for wireless applications