Inauguration of professors at Chalmers

The inauguration of new professors is an academic ceremony with a long history at our universities at which our most eminent representatives publicly welcome new professors – the university’s most eminent representatives for the various scientific subject areas. The ceremony also highlights their research profiles for the benefit of colleagues and the public and thus disseminates information about the subject areas offered and developed by Chalmers.

The ceremony will feature the inauguration of those who have been promoted to, or gained, a permanent position as professor and also of new research and visiting professors, adjunct professors, artistic and affiliated professors and professors of the practice. With their external perspectives and knowledge, our adjunct, affiliated and visiting professors have important roles to play in enriching and helping to progress education, research and utilisation at Chalmers. ​

Upcoming inauguration ceremony of new professors take place on Friday 27 September 2024 at Runan conference hall.

‘Professor’ is a title used for the most highly educated lecturers at a university or college. A professor is responsible for research and doctoral programmes in their subject. But there are many types of professor at Chalmers:

  • An adjunct professor must be a leading specialist with an international reputation in their specialist area and a researcher either in an institution or in industry. They should normally have academic expertise equivalent to that of a professor and possess a doctoral degree.
  • An adjunct professor in the field of architecture is known as an artistic professor.
  • Visiting professors can be appointed by the President. These are internationally outstanding researchers – professors at other universities – that are employed at Chalmers for a limited period.
  • An affiliated professor must be, or have been, a professor at another reputable university. Their role at Chalmers is unpaid.
  • A professor of the practice must be able to demonstrate an outstanding contribution to engineering or in areas with considerable relevance to their teaching. They will bring practical, technical expertise to their teaching. They must normally be able to demonstrate educational proficiency but they are not required to have a doctoral degree.
  • The duties of a research professor will be equivalent to those of a professor but emphasising research and utilisation.​

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