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Photo: Clément Morin © Nobel Prize Outreach

Chalmers has a long tradition of honoring and highlighting Nobel laureates through various events. Here you will find lots of interesting things connected to Nobel - everything from Chalmers' own prize winner Gustaf Dalén to current lectures and events.

Chalmers Nobel Celebration 2024

We are delighted to offer additional Nobel Lectures in 2024. Both Alain Aspect, the 2022 Nobel laureate in physics, and Anne L'Huillier, one of the 2023 Nobel laureates in physics, will be giving lectures at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg.

February 7

Alain Aspect, the 2022 Nobel laureate in physics, will visit Gothenburg. Welcome!

You can register and find more information here.

February 26

Anne L'Huillier, one of the 2023 Nobel laureates in physics, will come to Chalmers and deliver the lecture "The route to attosecond pulses" on February 26. You are welcome to Runan!

You can register and find more information here.

Chalmers Nobel celebration 2023

In December, one of 2023 year´s Nobel Laureates in Physics – Ferenc Krausz – gave a lecture at Chalmers.


On the Nobel Foundation's website, you can read about Anne L'Huillier, Ferenc Krausz and Pierre Agostini."The laureates’ experiments have produced pulses of light so short that they are measured in attoseconds, thus demonstrating that these pulses can be used to provide images of processes inside atoms and molecules... The laureates’ contributions have enabled the investigation of processes that are so rapid they were previously impossible to follow".

December 8

In connection with the Nobel week dialogue (see more below), a special lecture is held where students, doctoral students and employees are welcome. This takes place in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg. And this year we get to listen to the 2021 Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine Ardem Patapoutian, when he gives the lecture “How do you feel? The molecules that sense touch".

December 9

Welcome to this year's Nobel Week Dialogue. This is a free event and part of the official Nobel Week programme. It happens every other year in Stockholm and every other year in Gothenburg. And this year it's our turn! The event aims to stimulate discussion at the highest level on a current science-related theme by bringing together Nobel laureates, the world's leading scientists and experts, key opinion-makers, decision-makers and the general public, online as well as on-site. The theme this year is migration – a topic that is more current than ever and something that will have a major impact on our future. This is a full day of exciting speakers, including two former Nobel laureates Abdulrazak Gurnah, the 2021 Literature Prize, and Ardem Patapoutian who received the 2021 Prize for Medicine.

Official website of the Nobel Prize

Read more about Gustaf Dalén on the official Nobel Prize site.

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