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What trust does Chalmers have in Sweden? And how do we stand internationally? Rankings and reputation surveys are attempts to measure and compare universities, and important factors in both national and global competition. Some measurements are general, others assess subject areas or selected aspects of the business, all with different purposes and methods.

The diversity of evaluation in the university sector increases every year. Here we present a selection of Chalmers’ results in different rankings. The rankings list around 1000 universities (unless otherwise specified). Ranking results on this page was updated 13 July 2023: 

QS World University Rankings​
General ranking




QS Graduate Employability Rankings​
Employability (550 universities ranked).​




CWTS Leiden Ranking
Industrial collaboration. The share of publications co-authored with industry.




CWTS Leiden Ranking
Research quality. The share of publications among the top 10% most cited, respectively, in each subject area.




Note: The QS World University Rankings is one of the oldest and most well-respected of rankings which measure universities’ overall performance. In large part, it relies on institutions’ reputations, as captured in surveys. It does not favour larger universities to the same extent as other general rankings do.

U-multirank – the EU’s own ranking

U-multirank is a European webtool, where students can make personal rankings from a database of more than 2 200 universities and colleges in 96 countries, based on the indicators they themselves value most. In total, there are 48 different indicators, collected in 5 dimensions. There is no official ordered ranking. The project is independent but is run on behalf of the EU Commission.

In 2019 the EU Commission described Chalmers as one of Europe's top universities. In the 2022 ranking, Chalmers received a rating of "Excellent" for 16 indicators – mainly in the dimensions of research, knowledge transfer and international orientation. With that, Chalmers maintains a leading position in a national perspective, according to U-multirank’s country report for Sweden. Within the area of co-publications with industrial partners (2021), Chalmers is among the top 25 in the world, according to U-multirank.

Frequently asked questions about U-Multirank

Reputation in Sweden

In Sweden, opinion and social research company Kantar Sifo has measured the general public’s trust in Swedish universities every year since 2012. Chalmers has had the highest reputation ten years in a row. The Swedish public knows Chalmers well and views it as a successful and beneficial organisation for society, from both an educational and research perspective, according to Kantar Sifo.

Sifo annual report 2021 (in Swedish)

Kantar Public has published, for the 10th year in a row, their report on the general public’s trust in Swedish universities.

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