RELIANCE research projects

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Demonstration of X-ray
Demonstration of X-ray refocusing yielding depth-resolution of a small twig. The method is versatile with respect to focusing depth, depending on the number and separation of chosen projection angles.

RELIANCE is divided into four work packages.

Work Package 1: Instrumentation and Data Acquisition

DC1 Prototyping platform for real-time analysis for ultrafast SAXS/WAXS on fibres, composites and polymer film

PI: Jens Wenzel Andreasen, DTU

DC2 Quantification and digitization of composite structure using the sparse, fast imaging concept

PI: Tomas Zikmund, CEITEC

Work Package 2: Instrumentation and Data Acquisition

Work Package 3: Data Analysis and Validation

Work Package 4: Modelling and Applications