X-ray beam


A diverse consortium of experts from academia, industry and specialised X-ray instrumentation will drive innovation in materials science and manufacturing. This collaboration will enable the development of new materials and manufacturing processes informed by cutting-edge scientific research while also ensuring that the innovations are practical and applicable in industry.

RELIANCE - Real-time characterization of anisotropic carbon-based technological fibres, films and composites.

RELIANCE will develop and implement depth-resolved multimodal X-ray imaging and scattering tools that will enable the automated real-time characterization at the nano-scale of the structure and morphology of materials, devices and their manufacturing processes, reliably and with precision. The methodologies developed by RELIANCE will be implemented for optimizing and controlling the processing of high-performance polymeric materials and composites.

By working closely with industry partners, the EU-funded RELIANCE project will identify the most pressing challenges facing the manufacturing sector and develop solutions that address these challenges. The academic and X-ray instrumentation experts will bring their scientific expertise and technical knowledge to the project. RELIANCE’s methods have the potential to revolutionise Industry 4.0 solutions by providing decentralised decision-making based on current, observed structural properties.

Coordinated by Technical University of Denmark, Prof. Jens Wentzel Andreasen, e-mail: jewa@dtu.dk