Resources for chemical imaging

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Mass spectrometry imaging using MALDI and ToF-SIMS.

SIMS is suitable for a wide variety of applications, for example, grain boundary analysis, characterization of stress corrosion cracking, sub-cellular drug/peptide imaging and nitrogen fixation studies in bacteria.


The industry standard ToFSIMS 5 imaging instrument from IONTOF is equipped with a bismuth cluster ion gun for nanometer scale imaging along with a Cs/Argin GCIB/O2 sputter guns for depth profiling of organic and inorganic materials.

The instrument is equipped with a reflectron TOF analyser giving high secondary ion transmission with high mass resolution, a sample chamber with a 5-axis manipulator (x, y, z, rotation and tilt) for flexible navigation, a fast entry load-lock, charge compensation for the analysis of insulators, a secondary electron detector for SEM imaging, a state-of-the-art vacuum system, and an extensive computer package for automation and data handling.

  • High imaging resolution with Bi cluster ion source (<75 nm)
  • Outstanding performance for low energy depth profiling (Cs, O2)
  • Argon Gas cluster ion source sputtering (GCIB)
  • Small area depth profiling capabilities
  • FIB-SIMS capabilities 
  • Unmatched dynamic range and detection limit
  • Sophisticated software for ease of operation and data handling