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In November 2023, the work began on establishing Akelius Math Learning Lab, a collaboration between Chalmers, the University of Gothenburg, and Akelius Math AB, based at the Department of Mathematical Sciences.


Competence in mathematics is a crucial factor for a country's technical and economic development. Currently, there are many places around the world where children and young people lack the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge in the subject.

At the Akelius Math Learning Lab, teachers and researchers will collaborate to develop learning materials in mathematics for the target audience of 12-year-olds and above. The material will be available in multiple languages.

The Akelius Foundation has extensive experience in developing language courses that are currently used in various locations worldwide. The material is digital but does not require internet access, is freely available, and is primarily used in refugee camps and schools with very limited resources. The intention is to soon offer educational materials in mathematics as well.

We need to find and engage skilled mathematics teachers who will feel inspired to develop materials that work for our broad target group

Samuel BengmarkProfessor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences and director of Akelius Math Learning Lab

What happens next? 

The goal is to quickly identify the right individuals and to be fully staffed by the summer of 2024. Read more and apply on Akelius Math AB's webpage. 

The Department of Mathematical Sciences already has a research group dedicated to the teaching and learning of mathematics, and members from there will also be involved in the activities at the lab. The group will be reinforced by a doctoral student and a postdoc.

The ambition is to initiate the development and testing of the material already in the spring of 2024, with the first versions ready for distribution by the fall.