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What entrepreneurship means to us

At Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, entrepreneurial thinking is at the heart of everything we do. It’s how we develop new ideas, how we work through problems, and how we face the inevitable challenges of the future. And it´s a mindset we want to share with you.

Chalmers University is a globally recognised institution in the fields of research and teaching in technology and architecture. Our 10,000 students and 3,000 employees are dedicated to achieving the highest standards, combining hard-earned wisdom and experience with youthful hunger and imagination, to create a truly outstanding university environment.  
With our world-class research as a starting-off point, we focus on creating new solutions and innovations that benefit everyone. We do all this in close cooperation with industry and society, in order to create maximum value for everyone. And on top of this, what really sets us apart is our unique spirit of entrepreneurship.
To us, entrepreneurship means something more. It means openness, co-creation, and flexibility. It means tackling real issues, trying out brave new ideas, and making a difference to the world. Being receptive to innovative thinking, wherever it may come from, and harnessing diverse talents to serve a common goal. We don’t think these are niche skills, off-limits or unnecessary for most people. To us, they are essential tools and ways of operating that we believe can help everyone. And everywhere you look at Chalmers, you’ll see this in action.

The international benchmark for entrepreneurial universities 

For example, there’s the Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, where students get the chance to sharpen their business and entrepreneurial skills, right in the heart of the university environment. They start their own company, and are responsible for every step of the development of their idea, offering invaluable experience of the real world of business. There’s a huge amount of collaboration between these students and researchers from all disciplines, resulting in a fantastically rich proving ground for entrepreneurial thinking.
There’s also Chalmers Ventures, our renowned venture creation company – recently ranked 3rd in Europe in its category. Here, we invest in real start-ups run by our students and staff, as well as external third-parties, and offer them expert guidance in turning their incredible ideas into viable business proposals. We encourage sustainable, responsible entrepreneurship, that can really succeed, and withstand the pressures and hard-edged realities of the wider marketplace.
Even beyond this, a vibrant entrepreneurial culture flows throughout the whole Chalmers ecosystem. Chalmers’ ambition in this area is simple – to be nothing less than the international benchmark for entrepreneurial universities. This entrepreneurial focus at Chalmers promotes knowledge that can serve you for a lifetime. This is what we offer, for everyone involved with Chalmers. For our students, researchers, and our business partners. For Gothenburg, for Sweden. For you.


Page manager Published: Mon 24 Sep 2018.