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Activities for schools

All children, regardless of background, have the right to an education and equal opportunities. Outreach for schools aims to inspire, reduce obstacles and support children and young people at school through various outreach activities.

Our school commitment aims to stimulate youth in science, technology and mathematics. Children and young people get to see that it is exciting and possible to contribute to a sustainable society.

Science outreach activity for 5th graders

Inspiring young people to a career in STEM

Broadened recruitment is an important part of the outreach programme. It aims to change fixed structures by letting children and young people visit the University on study visits or through such spare-time activities as help and support with studies and homework.

One of the core aspects of Chalmers’ outreach is working long-term with role models in academia and industry. Chalmers also holds talks, festivals, seminars and open lectures for school students and school staff. There are close collaborations with other universities, industry and such learning arenas as the National Science Festival.

The University also arranges various stimulating school collaborations on STEM topics. These aim to inspire, stimulate and assist school student. Examples include Save the Egg, Teknikåttan (a technology and science competition) and Young Researchers. Their goal is for the younger generation to find it valuable, exciting and possible to contribute to a sustainable society through outreach activities. 



More information is available on the Swedish webpage.  Or contact Chalmers school outreach through email: