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Learn entrepreneurial skills

The entrepreneurial focus at Chalmers offers an opportunity to gain skills that last a lifetime – skills that will enable you to tackle real issues, try out brave new ideas, and make a difference to the world. This vibrant entrepreneurial culture flows throughout the whole Chalmers ecosystem. If you want to learn about entrepreneurship and how to develop your ideas, or others, into a real-world business, you have lots of opportunities. For example, via our two-year Master´s programmes or the Start-up camp at our Venture Creation Company: 

Master's programmes

Master's programmes within the area of entrepreneurship include the Entrepreneurship and Business Design (BDP) and the Management and Economics of Innovation (MEI) programmes. Approximately 120 students attend one of the two master programmes. A much larger number take elective courses in the area. 

Entrepreneurship and Business Design (BDP) is a part of Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship​, and offers four different profile tracks: Technology Venture Creation, Bioscience Venture Creation, Corporate Entrepreneurship, and Intellectual Capital Management. The programme provides a simulation and action-based entrepreneurial training linked to the Chalmers innovation system.
Learn more about the Master's programme in Entrepreneurship and Business Design (BDP)  

The MEI programme trains graduates to have the skills and knowledge to be able to deal with the challenges of innovation and renewal, at the intersection between technology, management and economics. The MEI programme combines hands-on training with analytical and conceptual skills. 

Chalmers Ventures

Chalmers Ventures is a subsidiary company of Chalmers University of Technology, that carries out all activities from incubation to seed investment. Research results and discoveries from Chalmers, and spin-offs from industry are a natural source of inspiration for collaborations, however, the focus is not limited to just Chalmers’ students and researchers. The door is always open for other innovators and entrepreneurs, giving them a forum to share and discuss their great ideas.  

Entrepreneurship in Undergraduate Education (ENG)

Chalmers is committed to improving and increasing the content of entrepreneurial experience in undergraduate education. The long-term goal is that all students will have the possibility to develop their abilities further in an entrepreneurial working environment.
Contact Entrepreneurship in Undergraduate Education​ (ENG) for more information about the project. 

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