Innovation and entrepreneurship

​Innovation and entrepreneurship Good ideas can also be difficult to realise. Consequently, different types of support are required in different phases to achieve full realisation. At Chalmers, we specialise in managing and developing knowledge, and we have many years of successful experience of entrepreneurial activities. Our incubator has been ranked among the top ten of the world’s university-linked business incubators. Chalmers has a long-term objective to enhance students’ knowledge of entrepreneurship during their period of study and develop entrepreneurial skills. A special project is in progress to introduce this.

School of Entrepreneurship – a two-year Master’s


Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship combines two objectives: to develop the entrepreneurs of the future and to commercialise new knowledge. In interaction between academia and industry and commerce, our students will transform a promising idea or research findings into a growth company. We do this by combining theory and practice. The students sandwich courses in subjects such as law, marketing and economics with the confidence to run an innovation project. The intention is for the project to grow from an idea into a company during the period of study.
The Master's programme Entrepreneurship and Business Design is given as a part of Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship.

Chalmers Ventures – developing ideas into companies

Chalmers Ventures is a subsidiary of Chalmers tekniska högskola AB. The company is home to all incubation and seed investment activities. Research findings and inventions from Chalmers and spin-outs from industry are natural breeding ground for activities. However, the focus is not only on Chalmers people. The door is open to other innovators and entrepreneurs, who have a place to go to share or acquire ideas.
In 2015, Chalmers concentrated its expertise in this area and consolidated its venture creation activities in the new subsidiary, Chalmers Ventures. Over ten years, SEK 300 million will be invested in capital, plus nearly SEK 150 million in operating funds.  The aim is to become the world leader in university-linked venture creation.

Chalmers Innovation Office - guides researchers and

teachers in the innovation system

The Innovation Office provides researchers and teachers with support on how findings can be utilised and break through in society. The support involves advice not only on commercialization but also the many types of utilisation.
The Innovation Office has a coordinating function and also helps others progress through the innovation ecosystem.

Published: Wed 06 Dec 2017. Modified: Tue 27 Feb 2018