Engineering for Healthy Life

​We are facing a world-wide phenomenon of aging populations. According to many international reports, the number of people above 65 years of age has increased in the last 50 years more than ever, and will dramatically increase even more in near future. Unfortunately this will also lead to a galloping increase in age-related diseases such as cancer and neurodegeneration. Luckily, today the potential for understanding the human body on molecular level is greater than ever.

By integrating biology and engineering, at Chalmers we can untangle biological enigmas related to health and disease and provide solutions for the rapidly changing world.

At Chalmers we build computer models to map human diseases such as cancers. This new and unique approach of building models of human metabolism is used for new discoveries that lead to new biomarkers, discovery of mechanisms of disease and development of effective individual treatments.
We adopt the same technology to biochemical processes that can be used for the manufacturing of environmentally friendly and sustainable biofuels and biochemicals. Ultimately, we see computerized design as the path to long and healthy lives and for energy production of the future.

Examples of ​Research Cases
Graphical representation of thousands reactions of human metabolismHuman Metabolic Atlas  
We are building genome-scale metabolic models for many different human cell types and cancer cells. We then use these models to find new, predictive biomarkers for human diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and different cancers.

Gut metagenomics
Using MEDUSA, one of the bioinformatics tools, that we have invented, we analyse the genetic material of the billions of bacteria that live in the human gut. Our aim is to identify biomarkers and new treatment strategies for human diseases. in many cases where the human-bacterial symbiosis is of interest.

Advanced biofuel and biochemical production
We develop yeast cell fact​ories for the sustainable production of advanced biofuels (that can be used as diesel and jet fuels) and biochemical (that can be used as bioplastics).We also develop yeast cell factories for the sustainable production of fine chemicals that can be used as super-adsorbent materials and perfumes.

Invest in a sustainable future
Chalmers is a meeting place for people from far and wide and of all ages and backgrounds. Bringing together people with different perspectives, ideas and needs liberates the forces of innovation and entrepreneurship and the desire for a good life. To be able to push the boundaries of possibility onwards and upwards, Chalmers needs a strong financial foundation.
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Published: Thu 09 Aug 2018.