Areas of interest

​Chalmers affirm the universities expanded role and responsibility for connecting with other actors in society. We see an increasing interest in social entrepreneurship and willingness to re-invest in knowledge-building and training through donations and scholarships. We know from experience that these scholarships enable new breakthrough research and education as well as investments in facilities and staff.

Chalmers provides researchers with opportunities and incentives to work across traditional disciplinary boundaries and take on research and societal challenges, interact with industry and developing challenge-driven education. It fosters a culture where it is natural to co-operate across borders. Chalmers is ready to contribute very powerful for the future needs of knowledge, education and skills.

We continuously invest in our development and now approac​​​​​hing those who want to contribute to Chalmers development. Donations, big or small, makes a difference. It gives us extraordinary financial opportunities that enable us to take the extra steps. This increases our contribution to that universal challenges are solved with a new "mind-set" and new ways to collaborate across traditional boundaries. We therefore strive to increase the amount of external private financing to Chalmers.

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Page manager Published: Tue 19 Jun 2018.