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Did you know that the first woman in Sweden to become an engineer studied at Chalmers? Vera Sandberg got her engineering degree in 1917 and we want to acknowledge this with a statue, which will also inspire the young generation to choose a future in technology!
At the time of Vera’s studies at Chalmers, it was virtually unheard of for women to study technology, engineering was for men and by entering this world, she broke one of the strongest norms of her time. Today, Chalmers has over 10 000 students representing all corners of the world and a wide variety of backgrounds - nobody lifts an eyebrow at a woman studying engineering. Breaking norms is the norm today and we encourage diversity of all sorts, at Chalmers as well as in society at large. Many of Chalmers’ students have stories much like Vera’s in their backpacks. The main challenge today is to get young people to go for a career in technology and engineering.

Chalmers takes on an active role when it comes to increasing the interest in science and technology for. We offer student-run initiatives such as homework support and mentoring for high school students and fun technology competitions for younger age groups as well as support for high school teachers of science subjects.

A role model for young people
Vera Sandberg is a fantastic role model for young people – an entrepreneur who had the courage to follow her dream. We want to honor her with a statue at the centre of entrepreneurship at Chalmers, in Vera Sandbergs allé, where the School of Entrepreneurship, Chalmers Ventures and Chalmers Innovation/Stena Center are all gathered. In this dynamic environment, with Vera as a symbol, we want to illustrate the diversity in the history of technology and inspire the observer to find his/her own place in it. 

Why art?
The combination of art and science is often used to illustrate the beauty and fun of science - that it is in fact for everyone. Art is a powerful instrument, it inspires and provokes, and we want to use that power to let the memory of Vera and her accomplishment live on and inspire people to challenge norms and follow their dreams.

About the statue

Vera’s laboration, by Jan Cardell, is a unique meeting with Vera where the past meets the future. It is a classic bronze statue that takes the audience by surprise with creative lighting and mechanical movement. Depicting Vera in a lab setting enhances her role as an engineer and inspires others to choose the engineering profession, break new grounds and be role models in their time. The interaction between bronze, light and movement creates a timeless piece of art that moves freely between tradition and innovation.

For more information please contact Birgitta Rorsman
+46 31 772 27 33

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All gifts, regardless of size, are highly appreciated and will be recognised. The levels "supporter" – "gold", see donation ladder below, will be presented on Let us know if you do not want your name to appear on the list. 

The total cost for the statue is approx. 1 000 000 SEK. The goal for the campaign is 500 000 SEK and Chalmers matches that amount – we hope you want to contribute!

Information for deposits:
Plusgiro: 299 145-3
Swish: 1234 21 96 14
Receiver: Chalmers University of Technology Foundation

Mark you payment “Vera” and enter your name and E-mail address. If you would like to donate 5 000 SEK or more or if you want to make a deposit from abroad, please contact Birgitta Rorsman, +46 31 772 27 33

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