Graduate School of Entrepreneurship

​Progress requires entrepreneurs – individuals who act on ideas and opportunities and transform them into value for others. The ability to do this is not an innate talent but a mindset and a range of skills that need to be assimilated.
At Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship the students work hands on with real-life projects and innovative ideas. By integrating personal development with business development they become resourceful, action-oriented individuals – they become true entrepreneurs.
Involving entrepreneurs at an early stage in the innovation process is a powerful approach. They act as catalysts for change and extend the boundaries for what can be done. This enables more promising ideas and inventions to be implemented in industry and society. Graduates from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship help organisations large and small to realise the potential of innovative ideas that create value, whether it be financial, cultural or social.  
Invest in a sustainable future

Through decades of excellent research and education, Chalmers University of Technology has created dynamic academic environments and vital infrastructures, interplaying closely with industry and society. Our strengths have generated eight cross-disciplinary and internationally significant Areas of Advance where Chalmers makes a difference.

To push the boundaries of possibility onwards and upwards, Chalmers also needs a strong financial foundation.


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Published: Tue 19 Jun 2018.