Science parks

There are three science parks connected to Chalmers – Johanneberg Science Park, Lindholmen Science Park and Sahlgrenska Science Park. The science parks combine companies’ knowhow and innovative drive with academic expertise. In the creative environment of the science park your company is always close to expert knowledge – a rapid way of becoming more competitive.

A characteristic of Chalmers science park environments is that they offer more than mere accommodation. They offer their companies close proximity to a high-tech intellectual environment with research on the technical front and with up-to-date engineering expertise that can be recruited. They also offer qualified Chalmers organizations which can make an active contribution to technological and business development and have an overall view of Chalmers’ whole range of skills and resources. Chalmers’ science parks therefore constitute suitable environments for the development of new technology, innovations and business concepts, both for greater competitiveness in existing areas of business and for new business ideas.

Johanneberg Science Park

Johanneberg Science Park has been formed by the Chalmers University of Technology Foundation and the City of Gothenburg with the aim to develop an environment which stimulates collaboration between academia, industry and other players in society at Chalmers Campus Johanneberg. Initially the activities support the development of the fields of Urban Development, Energy, Material- and Nanotechnology. Another priority is to make the Campus Johanneberg to a more living community. An environment that adds value to residents nearby, the people who work here and for those companies that choose to establish in the area. Their common interest is the ability to work closely with other companies, institutes and universities to strengthen its competitiveness and growth potential, through access to expertise and attractive recruiting environment.
Johanneberg Science Park

Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmen Science Park provides a meeting place for 17 000 people from 230 development companies and academic institutions. Lindholmen Science Park is an international Science Park with three key areas of focus: Mobile Internet, Intelligent Vehicles and Transport Systems, and Modern Media and Design. One of the company’s main objectives is to create conditions for collaboration between business, academic and public sectors at both national and international level. Lindholmen has test and development environments that stimulate collaboration and create conditions for growth and competitiveness in Western Sweden. A large number of projects are currently taking place within the framework of Test Site Sweden and Security Arena Lindholmen.

Sahlgrenska Science Park

Sahlgrenska Science Park helps innovators and new companies in the field of life science to start up their activities under the best possible conditions. Sahlgrenska Science Park offer professional help to develop ideas and access to expert knowledge and long experience together with a large network in the business community and the field of life science.


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