Facts about Chalmers Mastercard

Chalmers Mastercard functions as a normal credit card, except that Ecster donates 0.5 percent of the amount you pay for with the card to Chalmers. The resulting funds are used for scholarships to Chalmers students. The card is affiliated to Mastercard and can be used at 24 million retail outlets and 900 000 cash machines world-wide.

Annual fee
Alumni: at present SEK 295 per annum. Free of charge for the first 12 months.
Students: Free of charge for your full period of study. Don’t miss the Handelsbanken Landala advantageous student package deal for Chalmers students. 
Employees: SEK 195 per annum. Administration fee: SEK 0.

Travel insurance
Zurich Insurance – covers travel paid at least 50% by card.

For personal service please call Ecster customer service on 08-7014667. Or visit their website, www.ecster.se.
For more information about your balance statement or transactions go to your personal Ecster account

Block your card

Call: 020 - 411212

When abroad call: +46 8 - 4112122

Cash withdrawal

You can withdraw up to SEK 5000 in one withdrawal and a maximum of SEK 15000 over a 4-day period. You can make cash withdrawals at most banks in Sweden and abroad. A charge of three percent (minimum SEK 35) is levied on all cash machine and cash withdrawals. (New pricing is valid from 15th July 2016.)


Extra card

Your Chalmers Mastercard is connected to one account. An extra card can be connected to the same account for spouses or children living at home who are over 16 years of age. Fee SEK 100 per card and the same terms and advantages apply. No annual fee is charged for extra cards.


Invoices/statements of account

The invoice (statement) you receive in the middle of the month shows the card purchases made for the previous month. If you pay the entire amount, interest is not payable. Should you choose a part-payment alternative, interest will apply to the said debt. You can also track purchases and payments via Ecster Internet customer service.


Annual interest rates

Annual interest rate up to 60 days: 0%
Credit carries an interest rate of: 15.32% at present
Actual interest rate: 20.24% for used credit of SEK 10 000, as according to Swedish Consumer Agency guidelines.



Page manager Published: Wed 26 Aug 2020.