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Here you can find information about cookies, how we process personal data and our accessibility report.


Here you will find information about cookies on this website.

More information about cookies can be found at the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority website.

Processing of personal data

Here you will find information about how Chalmers processes personal data.


This page describes how chalmers.se complies with the accessibility regulations.

All material on chalmers.se (text, images, sound, video etc) are protected by law. Republishing material from chalmers.se is not allowed without prior agreement from Chalmers University of Technology. When quoting from or linking to materials on the website, the source "chalmers.se" should be used.


Suggestions for improvements of the website: email webmaster@chalmers.se.

Report deficiencies in our website accessibility: fo-ekanaler@chalmers.se

Questions about Chalmers’ processing of personal data, or requests for register extract: registrator@chalmers.se or Chalmers’ data protection officer: dataskydd@chalmers.se


Swedish Post and Telecom Authority website, www.pts.se/en
Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, www.imy.se/en
Agency for Digital Government, www.digg.se/en