About Chalmers e-commons and C3SE

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Chalmers e-commons is mainly aimed at researchers at Chalmers, but certain resources and expert functions are also made available to those outside the university through the national e-infrastructures Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) and InfraVis.

Chalmers e-Commons forms a bridge between research and a span of digital resources and expertise for research data and calculations. On this page you find information on how Chalmers’ researchers and doctoral students can access Chalmers e-Commons.

Gateway to functions and resourses

Chalmers e-Commons is the gateway to a collection of local, national, and international digital expert functions and resources. Researchers, research groups and research infrastructures at Chalmers can turn to e-commons for support in making large-scale calculations/analyzes and managing research data throughout its life cycle; from collecting, storing, and handling of data, to analysis and publication of data..
The co-workers at e-commons form bridges between research and a wide span of digital resources for research data and calculations.

Chalmers e-commons offers

Digital expertise and support

E-commons co-workers guide you to the digital resources that are most suitable for your project and support you in how to use the resources in the best possible way. E-commons research engineers can also participate in more extensive collaborations with your research group.

Large-scale calculations, visualizations, and analysis of research data

E-commons is a gateway to resources for analysis of data, simulations, and other calculations.

Storage, handling and sharing of data

You can turn to e-commons for help with management of research data, including personal data, and for aspects of GDPR. You can also get support in establishing data management plans and help publish and storing research data according to current legal requirements, policies, and guidelines.

How to access e-commons

Researchers and doctoral students at Chalmers have access to support and resources within e-commons. At e-commons you can also get help with access to national and international digital research infrastructures. E-commons’ basic resources are free at a point of use for researchers and doctoral students. More extensive collaboration with e-commons can, however, involve various forms of fees.
You can reach Chalmers e-commons by emailing their shared mailbox: e-commons@chalmers.se

Digital infrastructure for research

E-commons is the result of an extensive preparatory work within Chalmers' research organisation. Already existing resources, activities, and expertise in digital infrastructure for research have been integrated and further developed into e-commons, with a joint strategy and governance.

Examples of the resources and the expertise that are integrated in e-commons are available within the Chalmers Center for Computational Science and Engineering, C3SE, the library and the Department of Communication and Learning in Science, the IT department and the Chalmers common operations support. The e-commons’ initiative also includes an investment in digital research engineers who can support Chalmers researchers in several areas of interest.

E-commons gather the use of digital resources in national digital infrastructures, such as the Swedish National Data Service (SND) and the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC), and international initiatives such as the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and the European HPC Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC).​

Chalmers Data Office 

Chalmers Data Office supports researchers with questions about good handling of research data. The Data Office offers support regarding data management plans, making research data available, FAIR, DOIs, questions regarding data storage and archiving of research data. The Data Office offers and maintains the Data Stewardship Wizard tool, which is recommended for creating and maintaining data management plans.






About C3SE

C3SE (Chalmers Centre for Computational Science and Engineering) is Chalmers' infrastructure for demanding computing calculations and data storage. It provides researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg and in the rest of Sweden with hardware resources as well as software and knowledge of numerical modelling, simulation and analysis. The facility is part of Chalmers e-commons and one of the nodes of the Swedish supercomputer Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing, SNIC.

Currently, C3SE has some 800 active users, half of whom are from Chalmers. The number of users and assignments with large-scale storage needs and a data intensive work flow is steadily increasing. Consequently, a new resource for calculations is under construction. The maximum performance of the new system is expected to be around 300 teraflops, i.e. 300 trillion floating-point operations per second.

In order to gain access to the facility's resources, it is mandatory for new users to participate in one of the introductory seminars that C3SE regularly arranges.

Learn more at the C3SE website