Systems, control and mechatronics, MSc

120 credits
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Gain the skills and competences to prepare for a professional career focused on the engineering of complex, computer-controlled products, and systems. With such systems already in great demand in a vast range of possible applications, the need for highly trained engineers like you is great.

This master’s programme will give you a broad systems engineering base, suited to the design and understanding of complex, computer-controlled products and systems. Systems engineering enjoys a rich history in Sweden and longstanding collaborations with leading industrial partners make Chalmers the perfect choice to study this rapidly evolving field of engineering.

Systems, control and mechatronics master's programme​ at Chalmers

This master's programme will prepare you for a professional career by providing a broad systems engineering base, suited to the engineering of complex, computer-controlled (embedded) products and systems. The programme also offers course packages towards subtopics (e.g. control; automation; mechatronics), and/or fields of application. Applications span a wide spectrum, from small consumer devices and medical equipment to large systems for process and production control.

Modern passenger cars increasingly depend on the integration of the car’s mechanical subsystems, with a substantial number of embedded computers, sensors, actuators, and communication devices, making it possible to create cars with active safety functions and new propulsion systems. Other evolving fields of this discipline are HVDC power transmission to minimize the loss in the grid, and intelligent robots for households and industry, to name a few. To ensure development within the field, all these systems depend on engineers making them precise, effective, flexible, fast and safe.

You will be able to contribute to the development that will lead to the integration of functions for sensing, monitoring and control with a wide range of products and systems. 

Topics covered

The subjects of mechatronic systems and automatic control are fundamental areas in the System, control and mechatronics master’s programme. The courses included in the programme plan handle topics such as automation and power, and electronic equipment.


Due to its integrating properties, the programme Systems, control and mechatronics will lead to a wide range of career opportunities with an emphasis on the operation, design, development, and research of complex technical systems within almost any branch of industry. The generality of many of the methods offers great opportunities in terms of choosing among many different domains of application. The acquired skills are needed at manufacturing companies, supplier companies, consulting firms, and utility companies.

Graduates from this programme often go on to work at companies like Volvo, Husqvarna, Bosch, Tesla, Delphi, Borealis, Siemens, Vattenfall, Ericsson and Electrolux just to name some examples.

Job roles range from applied research to product and system development and operation, as well as sales support and product planning. In addition, other career opportunities may arise, you will be able to work as an academic researcher, technical advisor, project manager, and teacher at different levels.


The Swedish industry has a strong tradition in systems engineering, and the long-lasting partnership between Chalmers and the Swedish industry makes Chalmers a perfect choice for students wanting to pursue this rapidly evolving field of engineering.

The research in the Electic engineering department at Chalmers contains projects in the form of sustainable and smart solutions to societal challenges, such as energy efficiency and electrification in areas ranging from transport and production systems to communication solutions.

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