Download the detailed programme and abstract booklet below. 

Programme overview:

Tuesday May 23, 13 – 17: 

Tutorial on AI/Machine Learning

Wednesday May 24 to Friday May 26:

Opening Session

Chair: Martin Lidberg

Session 1 ‐ Systems: ETRS89, EVRS, Geoid and Related Models

Chair: Zuheir Altamimi, Markku Poutanen

Session 2 ‐ Networks: EPN, UELN, Densification

Chair: Carine Bruyninx, Joaquin Zurutuza

Session 3 ‐ Techniques: GNSS, Levelling, Combination

Chair: Martina Sacher, Rolf Dach

Session 4 ‐ National Reports

Chair: Karin Kollo, Tina Kempe

Session 5 ‐ Applications: Earth Sciences, Geo‐Information

Chair: Christof Völksen, Benjamin Männel

Closing Session

Chair: Martin Lidberg