Research Force

Below you find the ongoing research projects at Force, divided into categories.

Force-Spoc collaboration

Integrated WDM Transmitters for Ultra-High Capacity Datacenter Connectivity (iTRAN)

The iTRAN (Integrated WDM Transmitters for Ultra-High Capacity Datacenter Connectivity) project is a joint effort between the research centers FORCE at Chalmers University of Technology and SPOC at the Technical University of Denmark. iTRAN aims at demonstrating high-capacity multi-wavelength transmitters for coarse and dense WDM optical interconnects by developing multi-wavelength optical sources and silicon photonic integration techniques.

Phase-sensitive amplifiers


Dark-Soliton Engineering in Microresonator Frequency Combs (DarkComb)
Research project, 2018-2023

Research project, 2019-2022

Multidimensional coherent communications with microcombs
Research project, 2020-2026


A large number of publications are written every year by members of FORCE.

Chalmers is using the Open Access Policy since 2010-01-01. You will therefore find full-text copy of the publications in You can also use the search functionality provided to refine the list of publications

Chalmers Research

In you find all types of publications, for example journal articles, conference papers, dissertations, patent applications and more.

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