About CCR

Competence Centre Recycling aims to be a creative meeting place and platform for a broad cooperation in the field of circular use of materials. Here are universities, companies and institutions that all work towards a more efficient use of resources. The number of member organisations is around 20. Reuse of products and components and recycling techniques are key components of a circular use of materials for increased competitiveness and a sustainable society. With such a transition we face many complex issues that must be addressed from different perspectives. CCR gathers a wide range of competences necessary to make this happen.

Home of the Competence centre is the division Industrial Materials Recycling, Chalmers University, Gothenburg with Stena's professorship in recycling and a research group with five seniors and ten PhD students. CCR belongs to Chalmers Area of Advance Materials Science, but its work is also related to Chalmers Area of Advance Production and Area of Advance Energy.

CCR aims to

  • Coordinate competence and resources for research and innovation in a circular use of materials
  • Serve as a meeting place, and to encourage cross-border cooperation and networks
  • Initiate national research and innovation projects
  • Being an international hub for collaborations with Europe (eg the R&D-program Horizon 2020)
  • Generate high-quality research results and to put them in use in industry
  • Develop and implement technologies and innovations for industry and society
  • Communicate with research funders and provide feedback for the direction and strategy of the Swedish R&D in the field.