About Centre for Housing Architecture

The Centre for Housing Architecture (CBA) aims to be a national arena for the dissemination of knowledge, discussion and development and research on housing and residential architecture.

Through CBA we wish to promote increased co-operation between private sector and academia. As of today there are more than thirty organizations affiliated to CBA through membership, ranging from architectural firms to municipal departments. Issues regarding housing and residential architecture have been neglected areas of research ever since the great governmental engagement in housing policy which in practice ceased in the 1990's.

With CBA we wish to create a platform where academia and private sector can meet and discuss issues regarding these topics, formulate common research applications and R&D projects for housing evaluation and development, but also R&D projects aimed at acquiring new knowledge of technological, economic and social issues. An important aim of CBA, other than conducting research, is to actively spread research-based knowledge concerning housing and residential architecture.

In addition to research CBA will arrange yearly events highlighting current housing issues. CBA is based at the department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology.