Genie articles and filmed seminars

Here we've gathered some articles and filmed seminars that Genie's members and other Genie affiliated has written and produced.


Article about Genie in Cambridge University Press (2021)
The article is a compact presentation on the work an​d strategy within Genie.

Physics Today: "Universities ramp up efforts to improve faculty gender balance and work climate in STEM" (Physics Today, July 2021)

Female Faculty: Why So Few and Why Care?

Kamerlin, S.; Wittung‐Stafshede, P. Chemistry Europe (2020) 

Filmed seminars

​Mary Sheran: Let's get more women into computer science

Genie vice leader Mary Sheran will consider the current sorry state of computer science in academia, why we have ended up here, and what we can do. See the lecture​

Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede: Kvinnliga professorer – varför så få och vem bryr sig? (in Swedish)

In this lecture, Genie leader Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede talks about the discrimination that women encounter in the academic world and what science tells us about the lack of equality. (September 2019)

Laura Ettinger: What Pioneering American Women Engineers Tell Us - Choices and Challenges in Context

Seminar with Laura Ettinger, an associate professor of history at Clarkson University and a historian of women, gender, and the technological, scientific, and medical professions in the United States. (May 2019) See the seminar

Liisa Husu: Gender challenges in academic careers and organisations

Seminar with Liisa Husu, Professor in gender studies at Örebro University and member of the Genie advisory board (February 2019). See the seminar (requires a Chalmers CID-login)

Paul Walton: Moving towards gender equality, how can we accelerate this development at Chalmers?

Seminar with Paul Walton, Professor in chemistry at ​York University and member of the Genie advisory board (November 2017). See the seminar

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