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Here we've gathered more articles and information about academia and gender.

Gender and diversity policy at the Faculty of Sience at Radboud University, The Netherlands

The faculty deems it important to devote attention to gender and diversity policy, and has therefore appointed the committee ‘gender policy’ in 2014. The committee has, among other things, given advice regarding the ways in which the faculty can stimulate more women to work and study at our faculty. Read the article​

Nordic and Baltic statement on gender equality in academia

[2019-08-12] A joint statement, developed at the initiative of the Nordic young academies, to identify initiatives and strategies that may improve gender equality in academia. Read the article

Sexism in the Academy

Text in N+1 about women’s narrowing path to tenure. Read the article

Department of Chemistry at University of York Athena Swan gold application


How not to scare off women: different needs of female early-stage researchers in STEM and SSH fields and the implications for support measures​

Cidlinská, K. High Educ (2019) 78: 365.​​

Filmed Genie seminars

Laura Ettinger: What Pioneering American Women Engineers Tell Us - Choices and Challenges in Context

Seminar with Laura Ettinger, an associate professor of history at Clarkson University and a historian of women, gender, and the technological, scientific, and medical professions in the United States. (May 2019) See the seminar

Liisa Husu: Gender challenges in academic careers and organisations

Seminar with Liisa Husu, Professor in gender studies at Örebro University and member of the Genie advisory board (February 2019). See the seminar (requires CID-login)

Paul Walton: Moving towards gender equality, how can we accelerate this development at Chalmers?

Seminar with Paul Walton, Professor in chemistry at ​York University and member of the Genie advisory board (November 2017). See the seminar

Published: Wed 25 Sep 2019.