WISE-WWACQT Mentorship Program

​Description of the Initiative

The WISE-WWACQT Mentorship Program is an initiative that aims at providing support for female PhD students and post-docs either at the E2 Department or WWACQT, through mentorship. The idea is to provide a one-to-one connection between junior and senior scientists working at different departments at Chalmers. The Mentorship Program will foster opportunities to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, obtain career coaching, as well as having a possibility to report difficulties and problems in case of need. 
The program is supported by the Gender Initiative for Excellence at Chalmers GENIE.

Who are the organisers? 

WISE - Workforce for Inclusive SciencE is a supportive network aiming to promote a gender inclusive academia. The network is hosted and financially supported by the Department of Electrical Engineering (E2) at Chalmers.
WWACQT  -  Women in WACQT​ is an initiative within the Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology (WACQT) that aims at raising awareness on the gender imbalance within academia and at supporting the career of women and gender non-conforming scientists in the WACQT community. 

Who can benefit from the program?

In its pilot phase the mentorship program is dedicated to female scientists working as PhD students or post-docs either at the E2 department, or within WACQT​

Where can I find information for mentors and mentees?

Guidelines for mentors and mentees and further information on the program are available on Canvas.

The mentorship program in media

Mentorship Programs that inspired us:


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