Conference Committees

Organising Committee

Adjunct Prof. Michael Regan (Co-Chair) IFSTTAR/SAFER, France
Dr Trent Victor (Co-Chair) SAFER/Volvo Technology, Sweden
Anna Nilsson-Ehle SAFER, Sweden
Lisa Knutsson SAFER, Sweden
Dr Corinne Brusque IFSTTAR, France


Scientific Committee


Adjunct Prof. Michael Regan (Co-Chair) IFSTTAR, France/SAFER, Sweden
Dr Trent Victor (Co-Chair) SAFER/Volvo Technology, Sweden
Prof John D Lee University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Dr Terry Landsdown Herriot Watt University, UK
Dr Peter Burns Transport Canada, Canada
Associate Prof Jeff Caird University of Calgary, Canada
Dr Marie-Pierre Bruyas IFSTTAR, France
Dr Kristie Young MUARC, Australia
Dr William Horrey Liberty Mutual, USA
Dr Chris Patten Swedish Road Administration, Sweden
Dr Alan Stevens TRL, UK
Dr Rich Hanowski VTTI, USA
Dr Charlie Klauer VTTI, USA
Dr Motoyuki Akamatsu AIST, Japan
Dr Johan Engström Volvo Technology/SAFER, Sweden
Dr Christhard Gelau BAST, Germany
Prof Oliver Carsten University of Leeds, UK
Prof Josef Krems University of Chemnitz, Germany
Dr Katja Kircher Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), Sweden
Dr Mike Perel NHTSA, USA (retired)
Dr Lena Nilsson VTI, Sweden
Prof Heikki Summala University of Helsinki, Finland
Prof Geoffrey Underwood University of Nottingham, UK
Prof Tom Triggs Monash University, Australia
Dr Corinne Brusque IFSTTAR; France
Dr Linda S. Angell Touchstone Evaluations, Inc. and VTTI, USA
Prof Peter Hancock University of Central Florida, USA
Prof Ann Williamson The University of New South Wales, Australia
Dr Joanne L. Harbluk Transport Canada, Canada
Prof John Senders Harvard University, USA
Dr Martin Baumann DLR, Germany
Dr Stefan Mattes Daimler AG, Germany
Dr Gary Rupp Command Results Inc.


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