Wengang Mao

Professor at Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Division of Marine Technique

Wengang Mao conducts researched within the field of ship mechanics, such as dynamic ship structural analysis, statistical wave modelling, machine learning modelling of ship manoeuvrability and speed-power performance at sea, and their applications for voyage optimization and autonomous shipping. The research goal is to develop innovative measures to increase shipping energy efficiency and ensure structural safety. He has been a committee member of the International Ship and offshore Structure Congress (ISSC) since 2012 on both Environment, Fatigue & Fracture committees, and a technical member of the International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers.
  • SJO750 - Reliability analysis of marine structures
  • TME146 - Structural Dynamics Control
  • SJO367 - Research method
  • FMMS050 - Statistical and machine learning methods for engineering mechanics
  • Master thesis projects​

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