Uta Klement

Professor, Head of Division Materials and Manufacture, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Uta Klement is Professor in Materials Science with emphasis on Electron Microscopy and is Head of Division of Materials and Manufacture. She is also heading the Surface and Microstructure Engineering research group.

Within her research activities particular focus is put on the development and characterization of different types of nanocrystalline and sub-microcrystalline materials for functional applications. Different kinds of coatings and energy absorbing materials typically produced by electroplating, thermal spray techniques, and mechanical alloying are studied and optimized with respect to phase formation and distribution, texture, thermal stability, adhesion, etc. However, also superalloys, titanium and advanced steels are investigated with the aim to understand the materials characteristic and to achieve robust and predictable manufacturing processes, lower energy and materials consumption, and reduced environmental impact.
Materials and Manufacturing Technology (MMK073)
Tailored Materials and Commercialization Aspects (MTT081)
Single lectures in different courses (Sustainable products and production systems (PPU205); Materials for Medicine (TIF050); Nanotechnology for sustainable energy (TIF165); Materials characterization and failure analysis (MMK082); Composite and nanocomposite materials (MPM052); Materials selection and design (MMK221))

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