Torbjörn Lundh

Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Interested in medtech and biomathematics in general, and evolutionary processes in particular such as artificial life, evo-devo, speciation, game theory; but also in questions on morphogenesis and general pattern-formation.

Boardmember of The European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology
Co-organizer of Mathematical Biology semester at Institute Mittag-Leffler in the fall 2018

Master thesis suggestions:
  • Simulation of Sustainable AI​
  • A didactid model for increasing the transferable skills using Laplace law for different fields in medicine
  • A biomechanical model of internal pressure distribution from a given interface pressure on a limb
  • Augmented reality simulation of visual guidence for minimally invasive tumour operations in livers
  • A game theoretic approach of different start tactics in sailing  ​
​Cancercentrum Sahlgrenska, Zoologen, Fysik, Miljö, Kemi, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Smart Textiles Borås Textilhögskola, Medicinska fakulteten NTNU, Hokkaido University, Shiga University of Medical Science, Shimane University (all three in Japan), Cambridge University (UK). Participates in Chalmers area of advance Life Science. European Venous Forum. International Compression Club.
Member of the Vibe group​ at Stanford. Co-founder of two small medtech companies: PressCise and  GraftCraft 
Organizer of

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