Tony Werner

PhD student; Biology and Biological Engineering, Chemical Biology

Tony Werner is a PhD student in the Wittung-Stafshede lab. His research focuses on a fundamental understanding of protein misfolding and aggregation toward amyloid fibrils, which is a common pathological hallmark of many neurodegenerative diseases; and his primary focus pertains Parkinson’s disease. In his work he uses techniques in biochemistry, biophysics and microbiology.
Tony has experience in several fields prior to joining Wittung-Stafshede’s lab. He has worked with analytical biochemistry, analyzing high value compound- and macromolecular composition of various seaweeds. He also has experience with anaerobic digestion, where he used techniques in analytical biochemistry and microbiology to study bacteria and bioreactors with the aim of producing methane gas. Furthermore, he has experience within the field of neurobiology, in which he researched neuroinflammation using techniques in analytical biochemistry and mammalian microbiology.

Page manager Published: Fri 27 Jan 2017.