Thommy Eriksson

Researcher, Interaction Design and Software Engineering division, Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
Director of Master's programme Interaction Design and Technologies.

Thommy Eriksson has a PhD in Digital Representation, an area of research investigating digital media; how it is designed and what its effect on humans and society are. More specifically, his research focus on two major applications, ICT and learning and Mixed reality.
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Thommy is object specialist for the learning management system at Chalmers University of Technology. He’s been working on a number of IT pedagogy projects, currently being responsible for a project to plan and implement seven recording studios at the University of Gothenburg. Thommy is also teaching a number of courses at University of Gothenburg and at Chalmers University of Technology.
  • Digital Movie Making
  • Graphical Interfaces
  • Blended Learning and Digital Media in Higher Education
  • Information Visualization
  • Master's thesis in Interaction Design and technology
ICT and learning, primarily research on
  • MOOCs
  • Learning management systems
  • virtual laboratories
  • using video, for example recording lectures

Mixed reality, primarily research on
  • virtuality
  • teaching with virtual reality and augmented reality

Additionally, Thommy have also investigated research areas such as the following, all in different ways connecting to the two major focus areas mentioned above:
  • interaction design
  • visualization
  • computer graphics and digital visual effects
  • public understanding of science, especially issues concerning authenticity in science shows
  • how technology is portrayed and discussed in fiction (primarily science fiction)
  • production culture. 

In this research, Thommy uses ethnographic as well as self- and auto-ethnographic methods to study his own and colleague’s everyday work and design processes. Another commonly used approach involves interview and media analysis using semiotics (sign theory) and hermeneutics (text interpretation).

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