Thomas Pettersson

Professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Water Environment Technology

Thomas is Associate professor in the Division of Water Environment Technology, leader of the research theme Hazards and risks for drinking water resources and treatment, at Chalmers. Thomas expertise is within drinking water research.

He is the director of the DRICKS program, which is a collaboration between Chalmers, University of Gothenburg and Swedish municipalities. DRICKS is a framework project consisting of individual research projects with the objective of providing a safe and healthy drinking water. Research in the entire drinking water system is carried out – from source to tap. Thomas supervises several PhD students.

Renewal strategies of drinking water pipes. The project analyzes the need for renewal of water pipes from a health and economical perspective.

Modelling of contaminant transport in water sources. The project aims to calculate how much pathogens that are transported to the raw water intake, at the drinking water plant, and the health risks it poses for drinking water consumers. An assessment of which measures are most effective to reduce the risks, from an economic as well as a health perspective, are investigated.
​​Vattenförsörjnings- och avloppsteknik (LBT345)
Hydraulik med VA-teknik (VVB012)
Drinking water engineering (BOM075)
Wastewater engineering (BOM095)

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