Sven Ekered

Research Engineer at the division of Productions Systems, Department of Industrial and Materials Science

Instructor and head of production laboratory PPD Lindholmen.
Teach in CAD/CAM, automation and CNC-technology
  • ​Manufacturing automation (LMT106)
  • Introduction to mechatronical engineering (PPU150)
  • Introduction to mechanical engineering (PPU126)
  • Computer aided design (LMU421)
  • Introduction to manufacturing technology (TEK345)
  • Simulation of production (PPU055)
  • Solid modelling, advanced course (PPU041)
  • Computer aided design, solid- and surface modeling (LMU602)
  • Integrated manufacturing systems (LMU172)
  • Product modelling (LMU242)
  • Mechanics (TME220)
  • From numerical to physical product development (PPU025)

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