Susanne Ollila

Professor, Technology Management and Economics

Susanne (Sanne) Ollila is Professor in Technology Management and her research is focused on Organizational Behavior, Innovation Management and Knowledge Management. She conducts her research mainly through qualitative methodologies such as Action Research, Ethnographic Research, and Longitudinal Single Case Studies.

Susanne has established a research group called "Managing-in-Between" (MIB). The purpose of this research group is to further the theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding about managing spaces in between actors. Interacting across boundaries has become prevalent among organizations seeking innovation. Consequently, there is an opportunity for individuals or collectives to design a space that enables collaboration. Such spaces can take different forms, and be more or less defined. These collaborative settings could be understood as a space "in-between" constituted of organization as well as disorganization. These spaces in-between usually have a management function organizing and leading activities of a large amount of actors within a domain of common concern, thus providing ample opportunities for interesting research as well as learning for all parties involved. To read more about the MIB research grop, the members and their research visit the MIB homepage >>.

Susanne's interest and inquiry into organizing and managing collaboration and co-creation in the space in-between has resulted in several publications on open innovation, innovation management, organizing for innovation, knowledge management and entrepreneurial behavior. Her research has been published in journals such as R&D Management, Creativity and Innovation Management, International Journal of Innovation Management, European Journal of Innovation Management, Leadership and Organization Development Journal, and Journal of Knowledge Management.

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