Stefan Lundin

Architect SAR / MSA, Doctoral student

Since 2011, Stefan Lundin is a half-time industrial Phd. The other half, he is a practicing architect at White Architects Ltd, where Stefan is also a partner and has been active since 1981. Stefan has worked on various projects, but mainly in healthcare with specialization in psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. His research concerns the question whether there is a 'healing architecture', ie if the physical environment can affect health, recovery and well-being of patients and families, but also the staff. In the context of this work, the evidence-based movement in architecture, has been studied and criticized. His research is funded by the ARQ´s research foundation.
​Occasional lectures at Architecture, Building (master level) and at conferences etc.
​Works 50% as a practicing architect at White Architects AB, mainly with buildings for healthcare.
Tele: + 4631-608755

Published: Fri 02 Dec 2016.