Sjouke Beemsterboer

Doctoral student, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Technology, Sustainable building

Sjouke Beemsterboer seeks to develop a new methodological approach in order to reduce the complexity of a full LCA of residential and office buildings while maintaining an acceptable degree of validity in the expected results. This new methodological approach will be developed in collaboration with partners in the construction industry, and will provide guidance especially in the early design stages of a planning process.

In other projects, Sjouke focuses on building information standards and on innovation practices of middle managers in construction organisations.

Sjouke draws mainly upon expertise from science and technology studies (STS) and sustainability assessment methodology.
Supervision master theses in:
1) MSc. Design and Construction Project management (DCPM)
2) MSc. International Project Management (IPM)
3) Structural Engineering and Building Technology

BOM250 Life cycle engineering

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