Silver Jõemetsa

PhD Student, Division of Biological Physics, Department of Physics

I started my PhD in the Division of Biological Physics in June 2015, under the supervision of Fredrik Höök. The objective of my research project is to identify biological nanoparticles using TIRF microscopy combined with microfluidics, with particular emphasis on identification of extracellular vesicle sub-populations, such as for example exosomes, and their concentration in biological samples.

I acquired my BSc and MSc (cum laude) degrees in Materials Science from Tartu University (Estonia), where my focus shifted from studying the properties of polymer electrolytes with Molecular Dynamics simulation in my undergraduate studies towards more experimental topics closely connected to bio-interfaces. The experimental part of my Master’s was made in a 5-month period at Chalmers University of Technology, where I was a guest researcher in Aldo Jesorka’s laboratory. The topic was mainly the rapid prototyping and characterization of lipid membrane interactions with solid surfaces and surface preparation (reactive sputter deposition, spin-coating).

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