Sigrid Östlund

PhD student, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Architectural Theory and Methods, Compact Cities Research Group

Sigrid is a doctoral candidate at Chalmers with a background in architecture. Her work pursues an interest in the ways space and objects can influence meaning-making and identity formation. She is particularly interested in how these aspects can be used to foster socio-ecological equity in the world. In her PhD she therefore explores notions of ‘sustainability’ and ‘beyond’ in the design and use of public spaces that include cyclical (or regenerative) resource cycles. In her work she combines a phenomenological inquiry with the art of designing spaces and craft of making objects.

She has studied and worked, both practically and academically, in the USA, Spain and Sweden. Project and teaching topics range from public participation, research, and strategic planning, to the design and making of furniture, architectural models, and houses.

Page manager Published: Thu 05 Sep 2019.