Selpi Selpi

Project Leader and Director of Studies for the graduate school Machine and Vehicle Systems

Selpi is a project leader at the department of Applied Mechanics, division of Vehicle Safety. Within this division, she belongs to the research group Accident Prevention. For most days, she can be visited at SAFER. (Lindholmspiren 3, Lindholmen Science Park, Göteborg).

Her research interests include understanding how drivers behave differently from one another in different situations (e.g., driving styles) and exploring the application of machine learning and data mining for analysis of large-scale naturalistic driving data.
At Applied Mechanics:
​Engineering of Automotive Systems (2011-2013)
Active Safety (guest lecture, 2010-2014).
Machine and Vehicle Systems Seminar Course, Part A (FTME115)
Machine and Vehicle Systems Seminar Course, Part B (FTME120)

At Computer Science and Engineering:

Databases (TDA357)
VR project on statistical methods for naturalistic driving studies
VR project on research infrastructure for naturalistic driving data

Published: Wed 06 Mar 2013. Modified: Mon 04 Sep 2017