Rikard Sandberg

Lecturer, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Construction Management

Rikard Sandberg is a lecturer at the division of Construction Management. His research concerns management and leadership with focus on the construction industry. Using an interdisciplinary approach, he examines the everyday work and leadership of managers as it is practiced. Inquiries into the lived realities of managers is further used to examine the practical underpinnings of some of the most prominent characteristics of the construction industry, including its structure, culture, and recent technological and administrative developments. The research contributes with a social perspective on several of the transformation challenges faced by the construction industry.
​​Leadership and communication BOM030 (master level)
Reflecting on leadership perspectives and contexts GFOK090 (PhD level)
Leda invidid och grupp CIU226 (master level)
Ledarskap och kommunikation, arbetssäkerhet och riskhantering BOM380 (bachelor level)
​Supervision of bachelor and master theses​​

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