Rickard Frost

Coordinator and Partnership Manager, Office for Strategic Collaborations

Rickard Frost is coordinator for Chalmers´ Area of Advance (AoA) in Materials Science. In addition, he manages Chalmers´ strategic partnerships with Nouryon, Stora Enso and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden). Rickard is a part of the AoA management group and strives to strengthen Materials Science research and education activities at Chalmers.

Rickard holds a PhD in Bioscience (Chalmers) and has five years of postdoctoral research experience (Chalmers and the University of Leeds). He is an experimentalist with broad experience in interdisciplinary research at the crossroads of nanoscience, physics, biology and chemistry. Specifically, he has focused his research on nanomaterials and development of analytical methods to study processes at the nanoscale. Moreover, Rickard has a basic training in Molecular Biotechnology Engineering (MSc, Uppsala University) and experience from working with R&D in industry.

Page manager Published: Fri 10 Jan 2020.