Quan Jin

Senior Researcher, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Technology, Sustainable Building

Quan Jin is Senior Researcher in the research group Sustainable Building at the Division of Building Technology, and in the Area of advance Energy. She conducts research on indoor environmental quality from multiple disciplinary perspectives, and their impact on building energy efficiency and occupant health and comfort. The goal is to create tools and knowledge to improve human well-being and productivity in sustainable buildings while minimizing the energy consumption.

She is core member of REHVA TRC, commission member of CIB W098, editorial board member of Journal Intelligent Buildings International, and was awarded the SCANVAC prize for Young Researcher 2019.
​BOM285 Building performance: Design and assessment 
BOM290 Fundamental physics, chemistry and acoustics 

Quan Jin, Lin Duanmu, Hui Zhang, Xiangli Li. Thermal sensations of whole-body and head under local cooling and heating conditions during step-changes between workstation and ambient environment. Building and Environment, 46: 2342- 2350, 2011.

Quan Jin, Xiangli Li, Lin Duanmu, Yuming Sun, Qianru Ding. Predictive of local and overall thermal sensations for non-uniform environments. Building and Environment, 51: 330-344, 2012.
Chalmers Areas of Advance:
International collaborations:
1. IEA Annex 79 "Occupant-Centric Building Design and Operation Strategy" (2018-2023)
2. IEA Annex 69 " Strategy and Practice of Adaptive Thermal Comfort in Low Energy Buildings" (2014-2019)
3. ISIAQ STC34 "Indoor Environmental Quality Guidelines Worldwide Open Database" (Since 2021)
4. REHVA Technical and Research Committee (Since 2019)
5. CIB W098 Intelligent Buildings (since 2016)

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