Peter Lidén

Doctoral Student, Architecture and Civil Engineering,
Building Technology, Infrastructure Physics

Peter is a doctoral student at the Division of Building Technology, research group Infrastructure physics. Peter conducts his research studies mainly within the project “Lifetime and status assessment of district heating networks”. Peter develops non-destructive methods for determining the pre-insulated district heating pipe’s status through its lifetime.

Sundberg, J., Lidén, P. 2014, Energy and system analysis - Solar heat and heat storage for environmentally sound deicing, Swedish road administration, Report 2014:121

Liden, P. Saglamoglu, S. 2012, Groundwater chemistry and its influence on the selection of construction materials, a review of four traffic tunnels in Sweden and evaluation of technical requirements, Master´s thesis.
​Lifetime and status assessment of district heating networks

Chalmers Areas of Advance:
Building Futures  

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