Paula Wahlgren

Associate Professor, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Technology, Building Physics Modelling

Paula is a researcher and lecturer at the division of Building Technology. The main subject is building physics where heat, air and moisture transport in buildings and building components forms the basis. The research focus is air transport in and through building components and airtightness of buildings and investigations are made using both numerical simulations and large-scale measurements. Paula Wahlgren is the representative of Sweden in IEA ECBCS Annex 5, AIVC, Air infiltration and Ventilation Centre. Research concerning innovative insulation materials and moisture safety of exterior walls is carried out together with phd students. The focus of education is to teach civil engineering students, architect student and master student how to build energy efficient and moisture safe buildings that provide a sound and sustainable buildings with a good indoor climate
Building physics in courses for bachelor students, master students (in particular civil engineering), architects (for example VBF018, BOM101, ARK064).

Page manager Published: Mon 23 Apr 2018.