Patrik Höstmad

Associate Professor in Applied Acoustics, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Applied Acoustics, Vibroacoustics

Patrik Höstmad is Associate Professor in Applied Acoustics. The research includes various aspects of sound and vibration, e.g. vehicle acoustics, environmental noise and urban planning, ground vibrations, mid- and high frequency methods and contact modelling for tyre and road. Höstmad directs the activities in the Educational Area of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Höstmad was formerly the Head of Program in Civil Engineering and worked with the development of a new program in Civil Enginering that started in year 2015.

BOM230 Sound and vibration
BOM235 Sound and vibration, basics
VTA121 Introduction to sound and vibration
BMTX01 Bachelor's thesis in Civil and environmental engineering
BOMX02 Master's thesis in Civil and environmental engineering

ARK510 Urban space and planning
BOM210 Urban space and functions
TME121 Engineering of automotive systems
VTA091 Technical acoustics 2

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